Corrs for celebration!

Congratulations to Andrea Corr and Brett Desmond who got married on Friday 21st August in a major celebrity wedding attended by 400 guest’s hilltop Saint Joseph’s Church in County Clare on the west coast of Ireland. Billed as Irish society’s wedding of the decade, it attracted stars from the world of music and sport. The Corrs front woman, Andrea looked stunning as she arrived at the picturesque church wearing a white strapless Vera Wang dress and veil.

For brides who are considering a similar style dress to that of what Andrea wore, here is some style advice from Girls Love Pearls as to what jewellery and accessories would work well with this style wedding dress.

As there is quite a lot going on with the dress with the satin champagne sash at the front and the flower on the bust line of the gown some brides (like Andrea) may want to keep the rest of the look quite minimal and not too fussy. A delicate pair of ivory or champagne coloured pearl stud earrings would be an excellent choice as would a lovely pearl bracelet or necklace in a cream and champagne mix to complete the jewellery look. The mix of cream and champagne pearls would have picked up the champagne in her silk sash.

Items below available from Girls Love Pearls

For brides wanting to wear a necklace with this style dress, our Phoebe Floating necklace (49.95GBP) would be the most appropriate choice.

If a bride did not want to wear a necklace as the flower detail along the bust line may be enough for some brides, then a bride could choose our beautiful pearl bracelet with a lovely heart charm (38.12GBP) for a touch of romance, or our crystal and pearl watch (38.95GBP) which also ensures the bride is not late for the church!


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