Dani Behr’s London hair make-over!

TV Star Dani Behr flew into London a couple of weeks ago for some exciting new projects she had lined up and Inanch London was on her list of places to visit whilst here in London.

Dani spent the day of Thursday 16th July at the Inanch London salon for a full day’s pampering in preparation for some public appearances she was attending in order to promote her forthcoming UK projects (to be announced very soon). Dani had a full head of highlights with Colourist Maja Berman, a set of LCN Gel Nails with Nail Artist Silvia and a full set of Gadiva Hair Extensions with Art Director Inanch.

“Dani was over the moon with her new look” stated Inanch, especially her glam new hair extension! Inanch London uses a few different brands when it comes to hair extensions including Gadiva. The reason we choose Gadiva for Dani was mainly due to the fact that Gadiva is available in salons across Australia meaning Dani can have her new extensions maintained when she goes home.

Check out Dani’s transformation – doesn’t she look fab!

Additional information on Gadiva Hair Extensions at Inanch London:-
Gadiva Hair Extensions have designed the most advanced and improved REUSABLE Micro Ring Hair Extensions System available on the market. There is no glue, heating, bonding, weaving or chemicals involved in the application of this hair extensions system. Using 100% Premium Quality Human Hair, the specifically formulated Gadiva pre-bonded Tip does not deteriorate with water, heat or chemicals. You can add length, body, fullness, texture, colour and highlights – creating a complete new look! This means that clients do not need to re-purchase the hair every 3-4 months making a highly cost-effective way to maintain beautiful and glamorous looking hair – always!

The process takes around 1-2 hours for a full head application making it fast, quick and easy to apply. The reusable micro ring hair extensions are simply attached to the client’s hair via the adjustable micro rings meaning that there are absolutely no chemicals involved in the application or removal of the hair extensions. You can straighten, blow dry or even curl your hair extensions without worrying about affecting the pre-bonded Tip or the hair extensions.

The Gadiva pre-bonded Tip ensures that the thickness of the hair extensions will remain the same for their entire life. A lifespan of up to 2 years can be expected from your hair extensions provided they are maintained correctly which should be carried out at the salon every 3-4 months.

To enquire about hair extensions at Inanch London please call 020 7383 7607 or visit www.inanch.com


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