Celebrity Bridal Style – Suzanne Shaw

Suzanne Shaw got married to Jason King on the 14th June and lots of brides-to-be have been swamping the wedding forums wondering where Suzanne got her hair vine from. Bridal hair vines are proving more and more popular with brides as an alternative to the traditional tiara.

We are not sure of the exact supplier of Suzanne’s hair vine but our client Carrie Yeo London who were selected by Suzanne to provide the bridesmaid’s necklaces provide a range of ready-to-wear hair vines.

Prices start at 70GBP and can be purchased at www.carrieyeo.com. The vine is a flexible wired design suited to structured styles like buns and beehives. It has two small loops that can be secured to the hair with pins.

Should a bride-to-be want to purchase the hair vine that Suzanne wore on her special day, Carrie Yeo London can produce this using their Bespoke design service which costs from 150GPB for a custom-made hair vine.

Below are a few examples of hair vines available to purchase at Carrie Yeo London.


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