Jordan sports TEAM KATIE T-shirt

She’s had her critics, but Katie Price sent a clear message yesterday about which side she wants people to take over her split with Peter Andre.

The glamour model visited her divorce lawyer Fiona Shackleton yesterday wearing a black vest with the words ‘Team Katie’ emblazoned across it.

Katie had contacted our client Diamon’T to have this T-Shirt custom made for her. The T-shirt is available from Diamon’T’s Unique and Personal range where bespoke t-shirts cost 29.99GBP. Available in black or white, and comes in sizes 8/10 12/14 16/18.

Diamon’T are continuing to sell the TEAM ANDRE T-shirts (29.99GBP) like hot cakes, so maybe Katie wanted to start her own support campaign with her TEAM KATIE T-shirt.



3 Responses to Jordan sports TEAM KATIE T-shirt

  1. I love team t-shirts! Shows you got spirit.

  2. natalie says:

    TEAMMMMM KATIEE PRICEEEE! woooo one hundred percent with katie on thisss my IDOL! and what an amzing mother how can peopl slag her off im sorry if youu watch he programma and see the reall kate and not what the magazines wirite thenn you will see her for what she truly is an absoulute hilrious person who is honest and just the best mum!
    and to top it off how hot is alex reidd woo get in there katee! peterrr wearing that team children t-shirt im sorry why do it for sympathy im not going to slag you off pete but your being very imuture everyone noes you love your kid dont have to spell it out to the nation! katies got the right way of doing things being the person she has always been down to earth!
    loveee natalieee x

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