Blowing our own trumpet!

Client satisfaction is of utmost importance to us at Catwalk Creations, so we were thrilled to receive this wonderful testimonial from our client Diamon’T this morning. What a great way to start the day!

Catwalk Creations and Diamon’T have now been working together successfully for a year. Catwalk Creations specialize in the PR world of the bridal industry, thus making them a natural choice for Diamon’T. But it was not on these credentials alone Diamon’T teamed with Catwalk Creations. Founder Nicola Russill-Roy exudes relentless passion, absolutely loves the industry and continues to establish good relationships with those all important connections. A vital part of our marketing mix is internet marketing; the Catwalk Creations teams have grabbed with open arms and are recognizing the important role this plays to online businesses. As a small and dedicated business they have the ability to evolve with the continuous changing climate, yet are professional, focused and hungry enough to make the difference. Thank you to Nicola and your team.

Sharron Cooney, Managing Director of Diamon’T


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