Girls Aloud Wedding

Sarah Harding’s fiancé, DJ Tom Crane has announced that he is planning to marry the Girls Aloud star in the near future. It has been reported they are planning a lavish wedding this Summer, although an official date has not yet been set and released to the public.

It has been reported the happy couple have been hunting for the perfect wedding rings whilst recently on holiday in Dubai. According to Tom, Sarah likes a square diamond with smaller diamonds on the band, but wants it to look subtle and not too garish. When it comes to choosing her Wedding Day Jewellery, Sarah can opt for a bespoke service which London based designer Carrie Yeo offers, this would allow Sarah to design exactly what she wants and put her own personal style-stamp onto wedding jewellery and accessories.

Sarah and Tom are rumoured to be opting for an ‘Old Fashioned English’ Wedding in the Country in the middle of nowhere. We cant wait to see what dress Sarah will go for, apparently Julien Mcdonald has been asked to design her dream dress. Fellow Girls Aloud band members will be Sarah’s bridesmaids – we will be letting Sarah know she can treat her bridesmaids to a range of dazzling Bridesmaid clothing items from ‘Sexy Bridesmaid’ T-Shirts, ‘Sarah’s Bridesmaid’ Dressing Gowns & ‘Gorgeous Bridesmaid’ Bed n Breakfast Shorts – perfect for the morning of the wedding whilst getting ready!

According to fiancé Tom, Sarah is so excited to become Mrs Crane! No doubt Sarah will be itching to show off her new surname after the wedding by wearing a ‘MRS CRANE bikini on the honeymoon!



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